We are a dropshipping company, supplying online gift shops with personalised products. Whilst anyone can view our gifts, access to our shop is password protected. If you own an online store and are interested in our personalised fine bone china plates and solid wood photo frames, please get in touch.

If selling at RRP, your profit will be 50% – more for Heraldry products.

Unlike PMC and a few others, we specialise in just 3 product lines:

  • Bone China Plates – Designs for any special occasion. The customer’s wording is glazed around the rim.
  • Heraldry – No need to pay up front for software and the dongle, credit for the dongle, and frames. No hassle. We drop ship.
  • Photo Frames – OK, you probably already offer these, but ours are better! Solid oak or alder wood, morticed corner joints instead of staples, and more personalisation options. Maybe you could add ours to your current range?

More details below.

Fine Bone China Plates

We offer designs for any special occasion, including:

  • Wedding Anniversaries – designs for both general and specific anniversaries (e.g. a Golden Wedding).
  • Newborn Babies and Christenings/Baptisms
  • Other Occasions – for example Granny’s 80th birthday.

There’s a choice of rim styles: plain, blue, pink, yellow, or with 2 gold or silver bands.

The decoration is permanent and will not fade or wear off.

A unique gift or keepsake that will be treasured for many years.


Several shops sell coat of arms and surname history prints. These are popular gifts for Dad or Grandad at Christmas, Father’s Day, and birthdays throughout the year. We have been main UK licence holders for the world’s largest heraldic research company since 1996. The usual arrangement is:

  • You can buy a licence – a hefty 4 figure sum plus a £2 fee each time you download a history or coat of arms image from the database. You receive the software and a dongle which attaches to your computer and holds credit – £2 is deducted from the credit for each sale. You will need a supply of frames and a good inkjet printer (most lasers don’t like the manuscript type paper we all use).
  • You can become a sub-licencee – a 3 figure upfront fee for the dongle, plus more than £2 each time you extract a file from the database. You need to buy credit upfront which is held by the dongle. Then there’s the frames, paper, and printer.
  • We offer an alternative: we drop ship for you. No upfront payments for dongle and software, no frames or paper to buy, no printer problems. No hassle.

Sizes: Coat of arms prints – A4. All other prints – A3. Frames are good quality walnut finish with a gold inner edge.

Exclusive: We also offer double surname history prints (2 surname histories on one A3 sheet). Popular anniversary gifts.

Engraved Photo Frames

Why are our frames better than those you may already offer?

  • Solid wood, not veneer. Choice of oak or alder wood (the latter is a hardwood popular with cabinet makers and particulary suited to engraving). Veneered frames have a wafer-thin top layer that can peel off.
  • Most frames are held together by a staple in each corner. Ours have mortice joints.
  • Wider profile (rim). Ours are 44mm – more room for wording.
  • We also can add an icon or pattern. For example: on a frame for a wedding photo we can add wedding rings, champagne glasses, a drawing of a bride and groom, or hearts.
  • Most other drop shippers ‘fix’ the wording at the top of the frame and add the customer’s wording on the bottom. We will engrave any wording on the top and bottom of the frame.

3 sizes: to fit photos measuring 6×4, 7×5, and 8×6 inches. Frames can be freestanding or wall hung.