Lead times vary according to the material being personalised (for example bone china needs to spend a whole day in the kiln), and the supplier. The latter can be identified by the SKU number of the product which you will find in red on the sales page.

SKU numbers starting with AAN: our products
  • printed gifts are despatched within 24 hours;
  • bone china plates in 2 working days.

SKU numbers starting with P (just the one letter followed by numbers):

  • engraved, printed, or embroidered items and candles in 2-3 working days;
  • china and printed glass in 3-5 working days.

SKU number starting with PTG:

  • all gifts are despatched in 305 working days.

SKU numbers starting withe PER:

  • all gifts despatched in 2-3 working days.