Personalised Photo Frames

Most online gift shops offer photo frames, so why bother with ours? They are better!

Why are ours better?

  • They are solid wood, not veneered. Veneered frames have a paper-thin top layer that often peels off. Many veneered frames are described as ‘solid wood’. Well they are, but the wood under the veneer is different! We offer a choice of solid oak or alder wood (the latter is a hardwood popular with cabinet makers, the wood is very smooth and is well suited to engraving.
  • We can add an icon or pattern to the frame. For example, a frame for a wedding photo can have wedding rings, champagne glasses, a drawing of a bride and groom, or hearts engraved onto the frame.
  • Others usually ‘fix’ the wording at the top of the frame. We engrave any wording on the top and bottom of the frame. 
  • Other frames are held together by one or two staples in the each corner. Ours have mortice joints.
  • The profile (rim) is larger – 44mm. More space for wording.

Our RRPs are similar to other suppliers.

Sizes: frames that display 4×6, 5×7, and 6×8 inch photos.

Frames can be displayed freestanding or wall hung.